in the middle of your sternum

'in the middle of your sternum' is a short dance film about a physical exercise created by Eugenio Barba in 1972. A remake in the year of 2021 by a female choreographer and two female dancers. Perhaps its time to reconsider our daily disciplined routines...

 A short film by Yelena Arakelow

Curated by Klāvs Liepinš
Dancers Mathilde Mensink and Yelena Arakelow
Text Yelena Arakelow
Camera and Edit Vikram Pradhan

Special thanks to
Maya Adamska, King og Bong and Skerjabühnan

Premiere, 21.05.2021
Physical Cinema Festival Iceland
Bíó Paradís, Reykjavík, Iceland

Screened at Boreal Dance Film Festival
Akureyri, Iceland