Yelena Arakelow

Dance Artist

Picture | Leifur Wilberg Orrason

Yelena Arakelow’s work focuses on staging the mobility of dance art in alternative spaces. Exhibitional performances, structured by taped corners open the opportunitity for the corporal to develop sustainably.

Picture | International Dance Weeek Budapest

My drive for movement lies in researching through the physical body. This body has an immense availability if allowed to be alive. Liveliness emerges through a freed body of mind, aesthetics and the pressure of productivity. Once ones own voice is freed and allowed to participate movement starts to dance. Through first seemingly weird dances I find to my natural drive of spontaneity, of moving. Weirdness reprograms into normality, into flow, into beauty, into desire and finally into the drive to move, to dance.

We will focus on our drive to move. We will sweat for sore muscles. We will allow habits, technique, our favorite movements and our voice. We will allow to be seen. We will allow awareness. We will allow the weirdness to become normality. We will find beauty and flow in the movements of the moment.You will choose the movements you want your body to dance. We will dance.

Yelena (b.1993) graduated with a BA degree in Contemporary Dance from the Iceland University of Arts in 2018, from Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School in 2015 and with a major in fine arts from Atelierschule Zürich in 2013. For seven years she trained with Kinder Zirkus Robinson, a children's and youth circus traveling within Switzerland.

Curriculum Vitae 2022